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18 June 2008 @ 10:21 pm
Smoldering Tutorial  
Taken from the lovely TN

I have been wearing this look often for some reason...probably because its relatively easy and looks awesome...so...Here comes a ****ty ass tutorial because its hard to take pics while doing makeup.
Things Used!

Face Stuff

Other Stuff

1. Start with freshly washed face (I had to wash twice cuz I started before and I looked like crap so I washed it again and started over)

2. Apply whatever Foundation you use: I use Covergirl Trublend Mousse, I usually apply with my fingers, but today they were causing grossness of foundation so I used a sponge.

2.b) Foundation Applied and flash camera makes you look whiter than you are...I swear it doesn't look this white in real life.

3. Powder, apply all over using circles with a fluffy brush..I love Kabuki brushes...I hate mine though, it sheds.

4. Blush! I apply it to the apples of my cheeks whilst smiling and then make the fishy face and sweep it back...I use the Quo retractable blush brush, but any blush brush will do as long as it's not the ones that come with the blush...I also apply lightly to my forehead, nose, and chin... since people blush not just on their cheeks naturally

^ One side done

Yay blush

5. You can buff in the blush with your kabuki/fluffy brush to blend it. I think I also combed my eyebrows sometime in here.

6. Apply some eyeshadow base with your fingers, I just use some cheapo cream eyeshadow so that the other stuff has something to stick to. I want Urban Decay Primer Potion, but its rather expensive.

7. Take the Fire Opal (or any copper/reddish colour) and apply it with the bigger eyeshadow brush, to the outer corner/crease of your eyelid. It is okay if it looks like crap, we will fix this later with blending.

8. Take Imperial (or any bright copper/bronze) and apply it, with the same brush, the middle of the eyelide blending slightly with the Fire Opal.

9. Take the smaller eyeshadow brush and apply Fyrinnae "On Gilded Wings" into the inner corner of the eyelid, blending with Imperial. You can also kinda bring it up overtop of the other colours just above your crease. Use it to blend the darker colours into the crease/over the crease.

10. Line your tightline/waterline on the upper lid with your favourite pencil liner in black. I have some random Avon liner which works well enough. No pic of me doing this cuz I use both hands. So just an after applied pic.

11. Take the fluffy blending eyeshadow brush and apply some Crystalline (or any non-matte vanilla shade) into the inner corner and browbone, hilighting and blending with the other colours. Use windsheild wiper motions to blend the colours with the Crystalline. Blend blend blend!

12. Get some gel/cream eyeliner (I use Avon daring definition gel e/l in black) and apply it with a slant tip brush to the lashline. Smudge it into the lashes. Just do a thin line though. Go for that smoldering effect.

13. Curl lashes and apply mascara of your choice (I use Avon Astonishing Lengths in Black)

14. Apply lipgloss or lipstick in a colour you like. I used Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Essential, but I have used DuWop Lip Venom in Bronze Goddess as well as other things for this look before. It can work with a darker lip colour for night and a lighter one for day.

15. Eat a raisin bun for breakfast!

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